Tribute to Mum Frieda Mkonza

Not what you expect to hear when
You walk into a nursery school.
And yet on this day…
Deafening, silence.

It was the teary eyes that gave it away.
Something had happened.
The look of shock and utter dismay told a story.
Something was not right.

After nearly thirty long hard years,
As a cook and a cleaner,
Mum Frieda was hit by a car and left for dead
Whilst on her way back from the clinic.

Every Monday we laughed at something silly
One of the kids said or did.
She was motherly in every sense of the word.
Her greetings were always warm,
As if she had saved them deep within her heart just for you.

Months away from retirement,
With the end of her working life in sight,
Mum Frieda was hit by a car on 28 August 2019
And later died of her injuries at the Tembisa Hospital.