I sometimes wished that I had no father at all because of the way he treated us
Sometimes I felt like he was not my biological father.
He would deprive me the opportunity to get education
He would beat my mother and call her by names In front of us
He would drink and play loud music knowing that I have to study for a school test
He made me a shebeen queen by selling alcohol whilst I was still underage
He kept telling me that he loved me but I never saw that.

The monster
He never encouraged me when done something good but my brothers would get compliments all the way
Why did she bring me into this world? That was the question I was posing to myself
There was a point when I felt my own mother was not doing enough to protect us from this monster
He burned my clothes and told people, liars
I once attempted to kill myself because I couldn’t face the pain that I was caring
I would feel I was the only one in this world;

The monster
I hated the monster so much to such a point that I would wish him dead
I couldn’t wait to pass my matric so that I could get out of that hell (home)
There was no love, no peace, the only thing that they were doing was fighting
and I felt like God was not hearing the prayer that I pleaded for 5 years.
That monster was my father
It’s true when they say education is a key that opens any door because today I am free
I am free because I managed to get my matric and moved from that home