I look at my life and find certain things missing
Something is going on in my subconscious mind
I cannot comprehend this feeling
For me the earth has rotated around the sun for two decades
But still I feel that something is missing

I have searched the entire universe for a better life
Travelled through the world collecting riches
Yet I still feel that certain things are missing

I possess what many dream of
Every morning I awake besides an angel
Her beauty strikes the core of my heart
When I look into her eyes, I feel something words canโ€™t describe
Even knowing I possess this kind of love
But still I feel a thing or two missing

Now I know something is definitely missing
It took a while to realize
All I have to do is to accept that the missing piece is lost
Then perhaps it will be found

All the missing pieces in my life have been found
All because I have found you
The world is new place for me
All because I have the missing piece

Now that I have u JESUS I am satisfied