is not your everyday start
to a sentence
nor is it your everyday
dinner table conversation

(if many have dinner
as millions go to bed hungry
with women and children
bearing the brunt thereof)

The minister performing
not an oxymoron but
a sexual act
reports SAFM’s morning news

The minister performing
on a government-issued phone
though not in government hours
the said production meant
for his wife’s eyes only

(though was she not
present at the time
to witness the private show)

(someone officially
defending him
reveals that half
the population does it)

callers in say
it should have stayed
in his (non-official) bedroom

(cover your eyes
it is a Home Affair
not for public viewing
so don’t keep you transparent)

The minister performing
not an example of any
government anywhere
hard at work or even
working hard

(Most of the exchange is around “privacy” and “blackmail”, as the country-beloved’s most nattily-dressed minister is once more in the news, though not for his labours in government.)