If I was a blind man, would you give me the curtsey?
Would you blush at me; the way you did at our first meeting?
Would you hold my hand tightly?
Could I lean on you for strength?

Now that the accident has occurred,
Both my strength and stamina have faded away.
I can’t even bath myself anymore.
And because of my blindness, I can’t walk properly.

I used to dream about you day and night.
I have become a burden to you.
You have made me a mockery of a man.
I am no longer a man enough for you.

You wore a mask and it suited you perfectly.
I couldn’t discover the woman behind it.
You have worn me out emotionally.
You have abused and tarnished my dignity as your husband.
I am a garbage in your eyes waiting to be thrown away.

What happened to the woman I fell in love with?
Where has your compassion vanished to?
You threw your respect outside the window.
You left me stranded in the room alone, unable to help myself.
I got cremated, when you left me for another woman.