Dear father, I know you are listening where you are
I want you to know that to me you are not that far
I have the magic box in which I will put everything you gave me
Like the lessons about how life when I grow up is gonna be

Even though I am the extended family kid
You put me on your family tree
I will put that in my box because in this life, such a thing is rare
And much stranger than a stepmother’s care

My box will never be full because you gave me the tool
You told me how miserable life would be if I drop out from school
I used you advice, no wonder I have such an open mind
I will put that in my box, daddy, your are one of a kind

You gave me love that is as clean as a chemist shop
I will put that unconditional love in my spacious magic box
And my love for you will never stop
I will talk to and about you until my jaws lock.

You raised me as a boy
And made me this man
I wish my box will give you joy
Because that is my plan