As high as the heavens are
Above the earth
So great is my love for you
And I would die again for you my child
That’s my love for you

Imagine the might and depth of God
That is my enduring love
Be still and know that I love you
And how does that sound

Be blessed my child
I’m here for you
I’m here to see you through
The end is nigh but do not fret
That’ll only cause harm

Hear My words to you this day
They come straight from me
I have blessed this writer
Who seats before you
His hand is guided by me

So I am, I can, and I will this day
Assure you that I am true
Your love for me is like a blessed song
That soothes through and through

Behold my love
The glory to come
The glory that will fill indeed
It is a blessing that is coming down
A total mystery