Date: 27 June 2019
My eyes are red, why red instead of white
White? Babe, red shows the love that I have for you
White shows our way to the future
Babe, I love you
Even the love calculator
Cannot calculate the way I love you.

Babe, I give you the gold love
And I don’t expect much from you
Babe, I expect you to love me back
My love for you makes the rain fall with bullets.
They say you can love them all but trust no one
But me, I love you and I trust you.

They say love conquers all,
Yes, I agree love does kill hate.
Love, what am I with you?
Love, you have given me life.

Babe, what I mean by this poem
As poets say, my love to is infinity
Babe, what I promise you is that
I will always be with you in the dark,
In the light, in sad days and in happy days.
I will hold your hand if you need me to.
Babe I love you.

Song by Beyonce, I love U
Song by Cassie, Me and U
Song by me Quizy Juicy, U & I