The Love of SAAF
SAAF inspires you confidence
SAAF inspires you to listen to
The words of warning SAAF
Inspires you to listen to the
Words of wisdom.

SAAF inspires you to listen
To the words of encouragement
I love SAAF very much, I can
Believe now, I will be the
Member of SAAF.

Many students discourage me
That I will never succeed
I know what I am, what am I?
Why will you waste your time?

I am weary of knowledges,
I am weary of behavioural
Practices, I know that one
Day I will be a qualified
social worker

My goal is in my hands,
I know that I will succeed,
As SAAF said to you do not
Allow things to destruct your

I believe I can fly, I can fly as
An aircraft flying on the sky
The love of SAAF, the better the
Future the better the world