Drugs, fascinate the youth of today
How did things turn out this way?

Girls refuse knowledge, they turn to prostitution
Boys become thugs, they escape prosecution

Living in fear of being stabbed
How does it feel, taking someone else’s life?

Girls wasting their lives away
Spreading their legs as wide as they can
Fucking older men everyday
Still moaning there isn’t a decent man

Boys wandering in the streets
Trying to get their next fix
Trying so hard to make ends meet
Dagga, crystal meth, they mix.

Africa isn’t safe anymore, the place we call home
In every street corner there’s a thug, waiting to take your life

It isn’t safe walking down the street on your own
Cause there’s a young boy down there, with a sharp knife

They youth of today, never live to be thirty three
They die at an early age, cause of HIV

They no longer want to play PS3
Nor do they want to wait, for their 21st key

What happened to those days?
When we used to gather at the table
And thank God for our daily bread?

Sister doesn’t care anymore, she’s busy giving older men head

Parents argue about us, and the argument turns into their separation

The youth of today, what a curse
The youth of today, what a lost generation