Go outside and look at the moon
Look at how beautiful she is…
Nights are spent looking at her mystic
Nights are beautiful because of her presence
Wolves howl their souls out yearning to touch her
She’s the light that adorns the universe.
She is majestic.

But she’s lonely.
She shines up there looking at the Earth
Looking at people interacting when she can only sit alone and wonder
How would it feel if those wolves touched her?
If she had inhabitants like Earth
Or how life would be if she was a small star too?

The stars look like they are sharing the sky with her
But they aren’t.
They play hide and seek in the galaxy,
Even a game called ‘Which star is which?’
Can’t you see?
They are of a kind
And she’s one of her kind.

She’s waiting for her love
A love she’ll never have… the sun.
See the sun loves her too
He knows he was destined to be with a soulmate as bright as him
Fire and ice are the world’s best power couple.
He even got jealous when astronauts stepped on her.

But he’s married to day
An although the moon longs for his love…
She’s married to night.

They can never be together.
What would happen to the world if they were to be together?
It’s best that they stay strangers
Even though their hearts only beat for each other.

Sometimes love isn’t meant to prosper.