The dusk has covered your nakedness
How you long for it at the dawn
The sweet melodies of the morning birds
From you they got their refuge
It’s been a long time since they paid a visit

Huh! how you wish you could run
Perhaps you could hide from the pitiable estate that you are
Man has undressed you with his reckless activities
Not even a thought of caring for your younger ones crosses his mind
Fear catches you greatly
To even hear him whisper that he’ll bring machines
To make your habitation his home
And when you see him pass by
How you wish you could reason with him
Perhaps he could let you alone

Even if you wished to get angry with him
You just can’t help but attend to his needs
What did I do wrong? You would talk to yourself
You smile at the coming in of the rains
That seem to be your only friend
The rains alone help to cover your nakedness
Man is no longer trusted
Even at the coming of the dusk
You used to rest with the retirement of man to his resting place
When darkness scared him away
But Alas! Man still troubles you in the night
At the invention of light
Man has kept you worrying
When you remember who you used to be
You find it difficult even to explain to your children
What would they say? You whisper to yourself
How you long for man to reason with you
Perhaps, your beauty would return
Shame has become your covering.