The place to choose which life suits the best.
I’ve seen a lot of people turned to animals.
Many clans out there are mourning for their loved ones.
The man that kills and abuses rather too intact
Because humility is already dead.
I’ve never seen anyone who’s ever thought about death
But in our days you have to!
Where is that old South Africa,
Where is that sympathy, custody, conscience?

This dilemma tends to be awful,
Every individual out there has the fear of the unknown.
Where do our prayers go?
Sonini nanini are you still saying that you’ll never forsake us.
Why are innocent souls taken away from living if really you do care,
Oh mighty lord please forgive us.
That philanthropist in a human being is decomposing now,
Where else to go if we feel uneasy in our surroundings?

Let’s come and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem
In order to end this disgrace.
The ones who were too kind to live the legit life,
Their souls have been taken away.
Remember everyone has that potential to do for the living
Is this all about drugs that dilute the minds of the oppressed.
Oh no I ought to be corrected I’ve seen this tragedy in my lifetime.
Remember everyone has a duty to find out
What he or she can do for the living rather than dying
Without knowing what she or he is dying for.

The Living Dilemma!!!!