The star has fallen down to earth
Heaven is crying for losing one of its angels
The earth is celebrating a new life
The heart pumps inside the mother’s womb

The happiness between two people
Expecting makes them proud
I’m a father to be, because of you darling
I’m the man I always wanted to be

A baby connects us as one
This was my dream
Eat healthy food my dear
My baby will be hungry
I became a man amongst men because of you
Whenever you need me
I will be by your side

I will wait for you to give birth to the little one
Be strong sweetheart, never worry about anything
Never stress yourself with anything as I will always provide
Never doubt me, I won’t leave you to raise our baby alone

Life is not a walk in the park but I walk with you with confidence
I am no longer a boy who always wants to play
I am waiting to hold my baby in my arms
I wish to share these good news with my parents but they are no more

Life is so unpredictable
Yesterday you were a stranger to me but today
You are brave my lady, to take the risk of giving a stranger a baby
Today I am no longer a stranger
I have become a man in front of your eyes
You opened your heart for me
I found a resident in your heart

The joy I am feeling in my heart is because of you
I can’t help myself, I can’t stop smiling because of you
I don’t know how to thank you
I will always love you until the end