A long time ago
In harmony had we all gathered
Together, our men of flex hunted
With the newly-born eastern gleams
Earlier, before dew subdued the earth
Our youth with our beasts embarked
Journeying long enough for our beasts to fit
On the other hand

Inside the shelters stayed our mothers
Getting engulfed by smoke all day long
They befriended the boiling pots of stew
Yet their eyes grew red and sprung salty water
While a darker flavour was added to their tender skin
They stayed in melanin factory of some sort
Then showed up our sisters

With balanced calabashes on their heads
Vigorously pacing upstream on their flawless limbs
Their rear perfect curves testifying to Mphambe’s mastery
Directly heading towards our mothers’ factories
Before gathering for our daily summit around the fireplace
A venue known for gulping of morals from the archaic cup
A cup that was always full of ancient wisdom flowing from Gogo’s memory
A single sip, I obviously waltzed to my reduced consciousness
I miss the days

Dear old golden communal days
Long before the Bazungu drove us mad with civilization