No one could take away the pain of rejection
When it is getting late they have to creep under barrows
Because they are the victims of rape
Gessport is their playground
They hardly overcome bad situations in life
Instead sugar daddies are their solution
Even though they desires are satisfied
But they could not careless whether we live or die

They always tell us about their nagging wives, who never satisfy them
We enjoy rides in expensive cars
But the presents we always go home with are HIV pills and the baby
We used to be roses but now sizimbasa zamadoda
Why do we have to bury our leaders
Why do we have to bury our future, Hellen Joseph
Every second we mourn for our future Lillian Ngoyi

Every weekend we say we loved a person
Who never got to live long
Tried to envision the face of the one we used to live with
Wondering through the lonely hours, when there’s nothing to feel good about
And nothing to forgive
We love you maqobokazana
Our companion of the rights
Beautiful and bright
God’s ambassadors, inzwakazi ze Afrika.