Dear my x
After you disappeared
That’s when I knew what an inferno is
That’s when I came to realise it’s summer
My Hippocrene is lost
Indeed you were the spring whose waters
Could give me the powers of poetry writing
But all my heart wills to ask now
Are some opiates
That maybe I might see angels again
On this barren land I am stepping on.

If gold lust
My love then last two
But if it sparkles till forever
Then my heart will be yoked to thee till after forever
Look and observe what nature does
When trees are cut
They do regrow
How can I slay my heart voice
If you are the medium of proper vigour
If moon and the sun both reappear in their circled orb
How can my path never meet you again!
And share your light
Unlock me behind these great bars of MAULA prison please.

Since you left
Hideous has been my environment
Frightful to the senses of my heart
It now fails to pump blood
As carbon monoxide has intoxicated me
Come and lend your kisses of life
Baby! Who is it
That when serious ill
Visits not the hospital
Dear my x, though missing
Come and give me some heart nourishments.