The journey of my life.
It is the journey that’s not been ended yet.
It will still continue, even though it’s full of hesitation
Obstacles, struggle,s and pains, yet I will still continue my journey.
The journey that has no hopes, trust, and humanity is the journey
That has no imagination, pride, confidence and no religious beliefs.
This journey is neither easy nor hard, but I’m strong enough to
Humble myself and allow all the righteousness and the evilness that
Arrives on my path to not be the unnecessary destruction of my journey.
This journey is something that I can’t run away from, even though
Time and promises I have received have slowly but surely pulled me away
From my journey.

I have no background, or is it me who has no backbone?
Why am I asking these questions? Is it because of the
Saying that says: “Without your background,
You’re like a tree without roots”? Or has relying on promises too much
Crippled my backbone spiritually..? Spiritually, I’m hurt and the
Hesitations start to form dark clouds, and shadow my path.
And the journey is so foggy and dark, yet I’m staring and gazing upon
My future, chasing on my dreams.
Yet I haven’t seen any signs of my background, or I haven’t grown
Old enough to understand it all at once. No hopes for my future
Because this matter is still haunting me, taming my spirit,
And weakening my knees. Destroying all the good dreams I’ve seen
When I was a dreamer. Yes, I was once a dreamer. A young man with
A brighter future ahead. Now that I have woken up I don’t dream no more,
Sleep no more because the journey has not yet ended. But it’s not going anywhere,
The road is still foggy, no sun will shine on my days these days.
Only dark clouds covered my imagination. I have no progress on my journey.
But I’ve got to keep on moving, yes, I’ve got to keep on going, in these scariest nights.
This journey must reach its destination, the night is dark but it’s full of hopes.
This life I’m living must meet its purpose, I was brought into this life for a reason,
And a purpose is what my journey seeks.

I won’t rest until I’ve found the purpose of my life, until I’ve found my destiny in me.
The background won’t determine who I would like to be in future.
The future is ahead of me, and I’m still stuck on this journey.
This journey has been bedevilled with problems that have been troubling me
From the beginning.
I’m still stuck on this journey of no hopes and yet I lost my courage,
Ended up losing faith in the woman who gave birth to me.
The pillar of this little strength I have.

The person who kept me going from the beginning.
I didn’t just lose faith, I lost it all. I completely lost grip on
My last root I had from my background, now that I’m rootless I
Might as well pass away from this miserable life of mine.
My mother can’t look at my eyes no more, she says:
I’m not what I used to be no more, and this journey won’t end no more.
They brought me into this journey, now I’m all alone, stuck alone,
And I’m being bandaged with bandages of suffering. Chained with chains of hunger,
And that has blocked my hearing, dimmed my sight spiritually. Spiritually, I’m blind,
I couldn’t see what was coming, or even what was leaving me, what I am living for?
Am I living for the unsuccessful journey, or am I still alive because the life of regrets is not done with? Dare me but bear with me because in this journey I’m keen to learn from my mistakes, and regrets will strengthen me, bless me with some ability to go ahead with my journey. Hopefully I will find the purpose of the life I’m living, find my destination for my future, and the land to grow my own roots.