You can tell by the shape
Of the shelter you can
Know by the structure
Of their body you can
Predict by the type of
Food they eat.

You can indeed agree
By the dressing you see
Even the hair can tell
That this journey is
Indeed different

You walk your friend is
Sick you talk your friend
Is weak you eat your friend
Has no food you are rich
Your friend is poor you have
A car your friend has no

You go to school your friend
Doesn’t know ABCD your child
Plays with toys your friends
Child plays with bricks you
Have a smart phone your friend
Doesn’t even know hello.

You say you have a wise job
But your friend doesn’t have
Even a business so can’t you
Assure that this journey is

Ask yourself about all these
Things go round and observe
What happens. Feel blessed
If you are better than your
Friend don’t boost yourself
There is someone greater than

Think positively to bring
Positive effect in life
The journey of your best
Friend could be equal to
Yours. This is so because
everyone’s journey of life
Is different no matter