I’ll never tell you
that my journey has been easy,
but then, I own every experience along the way
that has made me who I am.
The good, the bad and the ugly
have built me up, broken me down
and inflamed my heart
like an ordinary path never could.
I’ve come to realize
that I’m not defined by the moments
that brought me to my knees,
but by how I rose again after falling.
I know now that I’m always
going to make mistakes,
have hard days and endure stormy times.
But I’ll charge into those obstacles
and turn them into opportunities.
My heart is alive with the fire
that has forged my strength
through the tough times
and my soul is full
with my rising from the ashes.
I’d rather burn it all down than to fail,
I’m not going out like that.
I was meant for much more
than to wallow in the dark
and lament my struggles.

Give me the courage
to always embrace the storms of today.
Give me the passion
to feel alive in all that I pursue.
Give me the serenity
to understand my journey
and the truth of who I am.
I’ll never be the baddest,
the toughest or the fiercest,
but I’ll never quit, I’ll always be real
and I’m going to embrace
all my triumphs and tragedies.
This is my life and my story,
and I’m choosing to live
each and every day
like the blessing that it is.
It takes sadness to understand happiness,
failures to comprehend victory
and chaos to know peace.
Rain or shine, I’m doing it all
in my own way
I’ll never be perfect,
and I’m fine with that.
I know I’m amazing
just the way that I am.
After all,
the strength of my soul
was born on the backs of the moments
that brought me to my knees.
It was my spirit and soul
that gave me the courage to rise again.
And now, it’s my wings
that will help me fly higher than ever before.
Strong, alive and free.