always been a sunken boat
deep in the ocean
I feel wrecked to the core
Forever lost
I just can’t be found
I wonder how long till I stay gone
only a memory to those who let me sink
Soon to become nothing
all but the past

I went down with regret for those I let drown
no longer feel the air in my mind
like all that is lost in the sea
metal eaten away to rust
turned to brown becoming one

Betrayed by my own weight
I became too heavy
for my own good
now it’s too much to carry
Can’t let go
it kept me going for so long

When emotions hit like the rain
wipe it all can’t be soaked all again
Now it’s all gone I just want to shine
Blinded by my own despair
Now it’s all blur I throw the steam
can’t let them see through my heart.

What could’ve been
is all they can say
Like a dream make it something
Like a version to the mind
No illusion I’m all you see
can’t be found
always been kept to be gone