The institution that brings about
Bright futures to our inhabitants.
The Institution that brings about
Hope for better days.
The institution that ensures
Wisdom, dignity and excellence.
Many inhabitants today are breadwinners.
I salute you, Walter Sisulu University.

The institution that makes
Students accomplish their missions.
The institution that is well known
As the worst striking University.
I’m talking about an institution
That knows how to overcome its challenges
Without any complications.
The Institution that might seem
As if it works tirelessly but surely.
The institution that renders
The relevant information
To the relevant students
For radical transformation.
The institution that seeks
Better change through dedication.

The Institution that unites
The students with common goals.
The place of hope for radical change.
The Institution that is paramount in all angles.
My dream is revived, now I see it come through.

The Institution I know!