Trapped in a wrecked cell
it wasn’t her body
it wasn’t her soul
it was a spell
that caused her the illusion I tell

her head kept on thinking
and she knew she was breaking
her brain kept on meditating
and she knew she was slaughtering
the cell was an illusion of thoughts
bounded by a nearly impossible freedom
she misled an image of potential
into fear that she would crumble

being displayed like a toy to destroy her reputation
being used like a tool to accomplish your evil actions
being utilised to fulfill your rotten ambitions
only because she could do nothing
yet we forget the she is somebody’s something

now get out of your palace and look at what you have done

her heart is overcrowded with worries
her humanity is tested with great passion hopefulness
her feelings are being played with
her characters are being questioned
her mind is filled with unanswered hopes and dreams
her ears are blocked with the echoes of her visions and screams

suffering occupies her eyes
that still hold the shades of innocence
while her life has become a broken glass
like the great hall of china with open cracks
like the largest mountain with an invisible peak
her life is starting to freak

In tears she narrates her story
she dreams of a better future with an open glory
she mourns for her death while alive
she hates why she lives
her life is now a broken mirror