(Dedication to Mr Nelson Mandela)

Father of the nation and an icon of the world
He lived and paid all his dues
We loved and cherished all he did
The Master of his own fate
The loss of the Father of most came at a great cost
A nation lost in amazement
The gift from God that served as our Lord
He retired & departed…
The hero of the struggle
A fighter who never physically fought
Who had mental and emotional strength

Prison took him away for most of his life
But never away from our hearts.
His retirement is heart shattering
But still we live by the wise words he was uttering to his followers
During apartheid, a time of suffering.
He was mentoring the poor
And provided shelter and catering
When he was free he became commander in chief of the ANC.
He could see through the enemy.
Equality he gained and so did we
When he won his freedom, we got freedom.

He retired and departed…
And now we feel vulnerable & lonely.
Dry your tears don’t drop them.
As you don’t want to hold his soul back
He’s on his way to heaven
And we wish him a safe trip.

We wish we could kiss you goodbye
We will do everything in our power to please you.
R.I.P. to his innocent soul
May the mighty God accept his soul
He retired and departed…
May his soul rest in peace.

He fought for and united different races
And then called it the Rainbow Nation
Never again shall this nation feel the oppression or violence
From actions that seek attention but never find perfection.
He left his bitterness and hatred behind him.
A role model, one of a kind
Another loyal soldier like him we’ll never find

You are worth more than the minerals that are mined
Ga go yo a swanego le wena,
Now that you resigned
I am saddend to the depth of my soul
He retired & departed…
Hamba kahle Nelson Madiba.
Sepela ka kgotso Tata Madiba.
Go well Mr Madiba.

Thank for your generosity,
For your love, for your life
For being you.
My eyes are cast downwards,
I feel shell-shocked.
That the mighty God freed you
Live on forever in peace.
You are full of might and bliss.
You struggled like Jesus for the people
You are my Christ.