My heart is never at peace when I see you crying,
It feels so real and painful gazing straight in your eyes.
I’m afraid for your own sake,
My heart is like an opened highway.

I don’t want any preacher to tell me your thoughts,
I just want you to look me in the eye.
My slow heartbeat is only for you,
I can’t stare at another woman cause the face shows you.

I closed my eyes and picture you resting on my lap.
Since no one is right or wrong about how they feel,
I just find a reason to be strong in your warm embrace.
You used to love saying you love me.

These are our words,
Our words are our thoughts.
I beg for your heart.
I steal for you,
I plan to recapture your smile again.

Sorry, I missed your birthday,
my heart was plundering in mud
after I saw you standing with another man.
I couldn’t contain the rage and jealousy I felt in that instance.
I would give anything to wipe the slate clean again.

I need you like a musician needs lyrics.
I want you like a child needs breastfeeding to stay alive.
Hope you will love me like a mother loves her baby from birth,
so that I can get on my knees like a pastor praying for mass.

This heart of mine smells like your cheap perfume
that still drives me mad like a lunatic.
My heart is hopeless without you in it.