No award is more precious
Than the life the ink of my pen spits onto this piece of paper.
It’s spoken word
Let it blossom in our minds.
In life there’s always a reason to believe
For we’re able to multiply
But foul we always cry
A man is born into a world where its God is silver and gold.
Where a man’s respect is determined by how much he holds
Who he knows, places he goes
And what he owns.

Life is like a thorny rose
Beautiful and painful
When full of joy and all those
Its aroma ignores no nose
It greets even those hardship knows
Those who know its low blows
And everything they touch never grows
Those who fell and never rose
Thorny sometimes life unfolds
Its pain pierces through our thick skins beyond thresholds
When a man only photographs what catches the eye
Knowing it’s a lie
And the picture conceals a vivid picture
Of a poverty that cannot just up and fly.

It’s harsh sometimes and that we cannot deny
This is life there’s no reason not to believe
I say give it a try.
The limit can never be the sky
If we just spread our wings
And fly high
In times of depression and regression
Give it a try
In times of the rage born from the mileage
Travelled and your success remains a mirage
In life there’s no room for disbelief
Give it a try
Wake up and shake the world
And though the road to gold
In your world is a story untold
The magnitude of your eruption must be bold
Tell them you’ve conquered the old
And in the palm of your hand the future you hold.