He knew me before the pregnancy was meant,
saw the abilities and liked the character in my content.
He made rules and agreed to our wishes without any contract.
Despite many failures, He gave me a wonderful present,
sustained the life, making the incomparable past and present.
He gave me authority that on your behalf we represent.
But we fought for power by eliminating our opponent,
giving fear to the real owners of the continent.
A planet that keeps the dead and the living including the expectant,
our bodies can excite people, a source of local entertainment.
Black or Coloured life goes on following the day of judgement,
giving me a feeling that forces me to try to repent.
On your daily register I should not be absent.
Daily prayer increases our spiritual levels … a hint.
We all go wrong but sometimes try to be a saint,
to be the real gold not the fake with light paint.
Find the required qualifications and outshine the rest,
I will rely on you till our bodies whither and rest,
on your face mercifully and gratefully being the best.
Approved by the one-time chance of a precious life … a test.