Hatred I saw in your eyes,
Thought I could just ignore
You cause I do not know how
I wronged you, but this was
Continuous, I only realised
It now.

You are so cold-hearted
Even when I pleaded with
You. I cried and begged you
To stop but no you laughed
And ignored me.

I can still hear your harsh
Voice telling me that I think
I am better than anyone, you
Will teach me to live a lesson.
Wish I could have heard it on
Different circumstance.

Your rough hands all over my
Body, I feel so dirty. You
Are the reason why I wear
Oversized clothes and take
A shower five times a day.

I was not able to live, I
Always hid myself because
Of you. Forgiving you was
The best thing I could ever
Do for myself.

Even though you were so
Cold when you torn up my
Favourite dress, my blood
Meant nothing to you. You
Got what you wanted.

It took me time, a lot of
Time to realise that what
You actually longed for
Made me who I am. You
Wanted to tear me apart but
Instead you made me.

You made me this, you showed
Me my stronger side. You helped
Me realise my dream, you gave
Me a gift, a gift you will
Never have. Now I can see, it
Is now that I am better than
You, cause I have what you
Will never have.