Restrained from her purpose,
doors shutting in her face as she pales,
struggling to inhale at the sight of her new state.
Wait. Could this be a new phase?
she paces up and down knowing exactly what’s at stake.
As everything crumbles and
she can’t get rid of this case.
maybe she will pray or break
’cause long gone are her victorious and glorious days.
Left with nothing but a broken key
she reflects on the memory of what’s now
a broken dream.
She longs to be redeemed.
Finding herself boxed in by multiple walls.
When she thought that dawn was coming to an end,
the beginning of a long night was
approaching, at hand.
Knock, knock. Who’s there?
A shadow of death replies:
I’m holding a platter of suicides
’cause I need you to be mine, now.
And child let’s face it, you’re no longer alive.
You’re the chosen one in my eyes and I need you to abide.
Then …
She cries and lies at its feet in defeat,
she’s starting to give in to this mysterious beast.
Embraced with comforting lies
and eyes so enticing that it is hard
for her heart not to comply.