A woman full of pain comes home
And puts her bag on the floor
She puts her clinic book next to it
She put her crutches there too
And the smell of blood before she left for the clinic
Her oversized coat she always has to wear
And the flats as she was not allowed to wear high-heals
Or she would be labelled a whore

She puts the sight of him reading The Daily News
She puts down the scent of his greasy sweaty palms
She puts down the fights
And the screams
She puts down the fists against her body
And the spitting and kicking down too
The floor carries her weight
From the hall to the bathroom floor
She puts the begging down
And just like the floor, she gets walked over

She grew up with the beating of a man
She grew up to toughen it out
She grew up to stay strong and stable
Just as the floor, she stood still
The floor never crumbles
It handles her body
She puts down the plate
The floor knows every sore
Still it stands strong
She lies down on the floor
And it carries all of her problems that remains unsolved