It was bright and sunny that day
I was all alone in the middle of nowhere

I must’ve have been four years old back then
A confused child playing in a dumpster
I was enjoying myself inside a
place filled with rubbish or trash or waste

I could smell a rotten stink
But I did not cover my nose
Everything seemed okay
Until I decided to start a fire
Only for an explosion to occur seconds later
not knowing what I was doing
I almost blew myself up

My neck was in pain
burning like an overcooked meal

The fire devoured me like prey
It was so painful
As if a beast plunged its teeth into my flesh
I could feel my blood boiling
Help! I shouted
But the devil persisted in trying to kill me

Until God sent me an angel

I was seen by a stranger walking by
This man used his own shirt to put out a fire on my neck
And saved my life.