The feeling cannot be expressed
My mind seems to be full of doubts
My heart seeks for answers
It’s almost like I am expressing the sums without defining the equation
I know it sound hazy
But the feeling is crazy

I’m so lost in this mystery
Never had I seen such misery
I don’t have any lessons to learn from
I’ve got no creations
No actions to answer to my questions.

I graze on the mountains with my cattle
While I haze with the snow
The kettle seems to never boil
While the palm of my hands is sweating of oil
I can’t calm the winds
Neither can I cover the lids

My heart embarks on a search
While my art portrays the images
Tie war broke out
But the oak tree is still there
I try so much to fit in
But I’ve got sins
That I cannot erase neither can I ease them away…

So I embark on this journey
As the dog barks on my feet
My eyes cry from the onions,
But they cry for the union

The heart cries for joy
But the heart smiles for being alive
Nothing can ever lighten up the day…
I excel on my studies
And except to fit in
I guess being new in a strange
Place is not a range but it’s like being in a cage

I was never meant to “fit in”
So what can I say?