The sun, no matter how hot
Eventually sets
Killed by the pitch-black night
And no matter how bright the moon illuminates
Come daylight it disappears

No matter how long and wide the rivers
How deep their waters
But on sea they end
And by the ocean swallowed

Even on strong mountains
Rocks and boulders
No matter how robust
Eventually turn to dust

Weather and environment co-exists
Dismantles boulders and rocks

When wood burns out
Flickering flames die
Releasing smoke into the sky
No matter how thick that gas
It disappears into the skies
Turning into clear air

The air claims relevance to the smoke
And it ceases to be
With the air, assuming uniformity
And it reaches anonymity

And our love, once so strong
Beautiful and a marvel like spring
Like most things on the land
Has now reached the end
Engulfed by the quicksand
Of infidelity and mistrust
And of lies and deceit

Some of your doings
Your actions and devices
To our love affair
The one you claimed to hold dear
Were never conducive
And they killed our love

I may have slightly contributed
But in your moments so candid
To yourself you will admit
That you deserve all the credit