As he sings not a moment goes by
I am hearing Slim Shady saying…
Sometimes I sit alone and cry
And not a moment goes by that I don’t look up to the sky
And say please God don’t let me be a vision
Holding on a hopeless regular job!
Coz man this city is no fun,
There is no sun and it’s so dark

Eminem has me thinking too…
As he asks himself where do his punch-lines go
Who must he show; this is his show
So who must he know
and where does he go?
Coz, just like him
I need a new plan
To help me rap these poems in one track

Therefore that’s why you hear me pray for a chance to be given
So that I can show these people what my level of skills is like
Sometimes I wonder why do I still continue to write
Coz I just feel like dying

Hit the brake lights
In case this is just another stage fright
So draw in the blank light
Coz I am not afraid to take a stand…
Coz I too want to move forward just like Standard Bank.
I mean just ask me HOW CAN WE HELP YOU?
Oh I forgot that you already did
And so did I also tell you?