Though drought has fallen
On my flaky brown skin
There lingers the smell of salty emotions
That used to be tears.

I Know itโ€™s been years
But my heart is in an awkward position.
Like the oceanโ€™s inability to kiss its toes,
I canโ€™t hear its heartbeat
But can feel its sound waves
And they remind me of your handโ€™s wave.
Though I never saw it but I have
Imagined it so many times
I can feel it.

I can feel its sweaty palms of tears
And fears
That I might never see you again
Taste your food again
Witness the sun kiss your brown skin
While I watch it shimmer like gold again
Or Witness your laughter again
I play the sound of you again and again and again
But then Again
I remain hopeful we will meet again.