So you muttered in gold
You sneer at me “fetch”
He shouts Like a dog given a bone with no meat
I run to chase it
“Run!” he says, “before it’s gone”
This bone has no meat but I dig in, like a stray with no hope for a better meal
I eat
This bone is empty
I have eaten but yet I am hungry
I am a slave to him
I sweat and pour my strength for him
And yet I remain poor
In the richest of rich, he bathes he is full of luxury
While I wait for rain to soak my cold body, that is covered in rags
“Master” I call him
I follow him and yet he takes and takes I have no more to give
I plead for kindness
But he shouts more
And so I dream of death
For I knows I will love death
For then I shall find rest.