For I believe in me.
I believe in purpose.
But am uncertain of what’s mine.
I am altering this, because I seem to be a part of many at once and that overwhelms me to the extent I feel like I am loosing me.
For I listen to advice.
I judge not, yet learn from others’ encounters.
I am inspiration.

Sometimes I feel I am destined to help, heal, motivate, love, (and more). By more I mean feed positivity.
Which makes me wonder when do I get time for myself?
I carry all these burdens with no regret.
I listen without judgement and believe me when I say I acknowledge that.

The only challenge I face is me. When I am all by myself I rethink all the divisions gathered. When I do reminisce about all their stories, tears reach my eyes and I cry due to the helplessness of the unwillingness to change the situation in hand.
Even so, I wish I could.
Nevertheless I appreciate the sense I instill in their hearts and minds.
But that is not well with my soul since I wish to do more.

I believe and hope I touch hearts dearly.
Also I know that one day I will do more.

For my purpose is endless.