Never be afraid to cry
Express yourself before you die
You might not get a chance to say goodbye

Never be afraid to get your own piece of the pie
Since time awaits no man

Hold your head up high and don’t be afraid
To fly and reach the sky
Stay firm on the ground, then spread your wings and fly
For you are beyond measure

Never look through the key hole and attempt to be a spy
In consequence of the fact that you will get caught

Openness will set you free or your tears will multiply
With all the money in the world
Loyalty and happiness you cannot buy

Don’t fool yourself by living a lie
Because truthful moments will pass you by
And mind you, in that venture…
There’s a possibility of losing your sense of reasoning
Which shall enable you to identify, what is right and not

Never possess a selective memory and say you forgot
Some people forgive but never forget
There are some who cannot be bought