Once upon the time
There was a rabbit walking around looking for food
He jumped and jumped and found himself on top of the lion’s back
The lion woke up and grabbed the rabbit by the neck,
The rabbit cried and said, “Mighty Lion, Mighty King,
Please do not eat me, I can find you better food
Then you can eat me!”

Mr Lion burst out laughing, “Waaaaa haaa haaa,
You finding me food? That will never happen!”
The rabbit said, “Please give me few hours,
I will get it for you and bring it back to you.”
The lion was convinced and said,
“Alright then, if you say so, I will give you few hours,
If you do not come back you will be my first meal of the day.”

The rabbit went to look for food
He was not aware that he was hunted by the jackal, an ugly red jackal.
The jackal caught the rabbit while looking for food.
The rabbit begged and pleaded with the jackal not to eat him.
The jackal asked the rabbit,
“Why don’t you want me to eat you, what’s so special about you?”
The rabbit said to the jackal,
“Well I know a perfect place where I can find you a more perfect meal than me.”

The jackal giggled at the rabbit looking at him
As he would make a perfect meal for lunch to make his stomach full.
The rabbit said, “You wouldn’t eat me if I told you
That the lion is now my horse.”
There was complete silence for a moment
And the jackal laughed so hard that he let the rabbit go and said,
“Show me if what you are saying is true.”

The rabbit went back to the lion and told the lion
That the food was ready but he could not bring it as it was heavy
(jumping very slowly as if he had hurt his leg)
“That’s how i got my sore leg,” he said,
“I will show you where is it if you carry me on your back.”
“Alright then, let’s run to where the food is.”
The rabbit pulled the lion’s hair up and down (pinching him)
On his back shouting at the jackal,
“I told you that the lion is now my horse!”
The rabbit jumped off the lion’s back and never looked back,
He went home happily and was never troubled by the jackal or the lion
The end