All I could remember is her tender touch upon my hand.
All I could hear was her last scream.
As she squeezed my hand and whispered in my ears “Goodbye”,
I never knew her journey was ending.
Oh, dear Lord, ordain my soul!
Death shall never be proud,
but will never offer you the satisfaction.
You’re not as dreadful as they say,
Not powerful as they blast.
After you there’s life, eternity, forevermore.
That’s what keeps on ringing on my mind
after she has gone for good.
My queen, my precious role model
Don’t you ever worry, Mom, I’ll see you soon.
Even though this memory is renting free on my mind,
I’m sure wherever you are,
whatever you’re doing,
when you look down at me, you smile.
And I’ll always make you proud.
Forgive me for wandering,
It’s just that I miss her love
and I remember the day that she died.
I curse you, Death! Sorry, I curse you not!
I want my heart to find peace,
Even though it’s already in pieces.
From the moment she left me behind