In the morning
The sun shadow struck Kaning’ina mountain
Fresh air danced in my lungs
“Dreamers must dream,” I thought
I immersed myself in branches of physics
Devoted like a monk to his work
I screamed through the topic

Like a camera I pictured her image on the corner of class
Her eyes crossed mine
Her voice grander than musical sound called me
My heart resonated ‘cause of her words
I moved closer to her

Her environment sounded like paradise
My nose became happy ‘cause of her natural inborn perfume
Her face light struck me
Can’t her lips heal all viruses and diseases
After then I elevated my eye to her head
Her hair, black and freer than waterfall
I squeezed my leg toward her leg on the desk
Like the amoeba pseudo-leg searching for the prey.

Her sweet musical voice sounded for help
“How can I write this essay?”
My brain opened the page she was asking for
And then I spouted the knowledge to her
Words of prophesy came out of my cerebrum
“The essay you’ve asked wanna come during examination”

Smile sparked out of her face
Accompanied by an amazing question
“If it’ll come tell me the offer to you?”
My heart pronounced, “Offer me your heart”
But my mouth never spelled
Her last voice nodded my heart right
“You wanna give me a pen
If the essay won’t come”
The teacher stepped in and spoke
“Go to the examination room”

Twenty steps lead her to the room
She sat and prayed I prayed too
The room sounded quiet as a graveyard
Where she was the teacher distributed the papers
The invigilator spoke, started breathing
Faster than a cheater running

My eyes glanced through the paper
My cerebrum vomited knowledge on the paper
The ink on the paper flowed like water in its ditches
I knew that maximum percentage
The teacher would scribble on my paper
I handed the paper to the invigilator
Leaving her and others clawing at the paper