It was a normal day like any other
Like any single man thinking how it would be if I had a lover
It was just before I took a shower
When I saw it lying over there
I couldn’t believe it was it I thought I would never get it back

Seeing it made me remember the days I spent without it
I was reluctant didn’t wanna touch it
Started having doubts I thought I didn’t deserve it
How careless was I to lose it
Oh my dear love poem

Every night before I sleep I would read this poem
It had lines that gave me hope
It gave me dreams
It was my inspiration

It had some rude lines
Some paragraphs would make me cry
Had few unbelievable stories
Had few heart breaking surprises
I never knew when it would strike again

Should I pick this poem up?
God knows I miss it so much
Kinda scared cause sometimes it hurts me so much
No time to wait till March
I have to make a decision now

If I wrote this poem myself
I would at least know what’s coming next
But it was written for me
And what’s interesting is I never get tired reading it
It’s a very long poem and I have not finished reading it yet

You my love poem from god
Something is telling me you were specially made for me
Pair hello coz (Phelokazi)