Among high hills as the leaves of tree’s swing – in the move of the wind,
and the sky is blue and playground to birds, when your eyes disappear in the sky,
and for a moment, you’re stolen by nature, you listen carefully to the silence and song of birds, the flow of the river, you close your eyes and the peace in you speaks out loud,
when you listen to your heart, and it is at ease, be pleased, for there’s a world out there where no one rests, where all exist – the blessed, the beast, the robber and the priest, the honest and dishonest.

Where the grudges of wars once fought are fuel to the war unborn. Where political issues and conflicts hit headlines in newspapers and babies unborn are disposed, fake spiritual healers running away with the money of the vulnerable. Where the strong survive, the wise spectate, “evaluate” but not too long, for time is of the essence.

Among ourselves are extinguishing commonalities, to drag you down or help you up, break your bones or build your thrones;
in a chamber of comfort, on a pillow of trust, I lay down my head with my body erect, and a voice called my name saying this is the game,
I, you, her, him, we walk in a world of wrong and right judged by the steps we take, the decisions we make
we breathe in truth and lies live among good and evil, we live in a world of confusion.