Our meeting was never simply chance,
we were always meant to be.
The universe conspired to create our love,
a union long since forged in the stars above.

Across countless times and lifetimes past,
our souls have always found each other,
regardless of the distance or struggle.
We always have been and will be together in love.

You became the dream that filled my nights,
the face without a name before ever meeting.
I knew of you intimately before our souls collided,
you were always meant to be my true love.

As I lose myself in your eyes tonight,
a glimmer of love and lives past rekindles
and my heart stirs as I remember us from before.
Soulmates, twin flames and true love, always more.

In your smile, I see the warmth that I have missed.
in your arms, the embrace that calls me home,
in your laugh, the sweet serenade of your love,
And in your kiss,
the reminder of our never-ending love story,