How nice to know that our body parts work together perfectly and amazingly.

The gear connects with everything in my body and it can speak but silently, but the mouth can say it loud what the heart says and wants.

The heart connects perfectly with our brain, the brain can speak silently telling the heart and the heart telling the mouth and the mouth speaks loudly and the ears listen and the eyes see and the body reacts or acts according to the connection of the parts that communicate together.

Connection is the perfect and good thing because without the connection my body wouldn’t be functioning and it would be just a dead body like a statue like the one of Nelson Mandela. Connection more like communication with each other, brain_heart_ears_mouth_eyes_hands, which touch to feel and touch the person the heart beats for, which is the special person.

How I love thee connection and communication in my body and within myself, it is a wonderful and a good feeling happening to me all at once. It is amazing how our organs live like human beings and they know to control everything in their world and they work together to go forward with everything they’re doing and willing to achieve.