Servant of God, who are you?
I know you but not your being and nature,
You are a human being but different from
Other human beings,
You are a pastor but living different from
Other pastors,

Other pastors ruin the gospel, but you build it,
Pastors preach to attain money, but you preach
To save someone’s life,
Pastors preach for popularity and fame,
But you preach to show someone the right path,

People throw insults on you,
But you don’t take offence,
Instead you pray and bless them,
We always sin and do wrong,
But you never get tired of guiding us,

You are not biased, and you never prejudice,
Before you, we as your children are equal,
Keep on preaching the true gospel,
Through all storms remain unshaken,

You are not chosen by human nature,
But you are chosen by God,
You are not representing Satan,
But representing God himself,
You are not anointed by earth,
But heavenly anointed,
You don’t feed us death and hell,
But you feed us eternal life,

You are the real servant of God,
Living to serve God,
May God hear your cry and answer your prayers,
Victory and salvation belong to you,
Long live man of God,
Long live Apostle J.S. Cele.