I have championed hate with love
Broke the chains of the oppressive enough to breath with ease
I have survived the toxic invasion of gaseous gossips
Spray painted feelings with emotions on the move
Like blood flowing viruses alive now blood clotting
I have boxed with the great, nearly got caught in the grave
Metaphors collided like Tyson fights
Champions are challenged and no surrender that’s how you decide to tap out
Square rooted chance to make it out alive
A survivor of the enslaved generation this pain demonstration
Is in vain, the feeling you can’t explain when the champion punches
Connecting the dots, the aim is to collide with the jaws like Baby Jake’s striking
Heavyweight bouts with fists ready for K.Os
Everyday life the sweat is the sacrifice for power
From hunger am strengthened Pain means motivation
A champion who championed wars as he jumps on board
A man for better reward
9 months struggle but then the champion is born
Dead the warrior is gone but the legacy still lives on