Hope is alive
Hope gives strength
Hope gives no doubt
Hope keeps us

Our God is hope
He gave us the Promised Land
From our forefathers Abraham
They were promised offspring and the land of promise
Hope, I am talking about, is what keeps us standing
Even when there’s no reason to

For God has plans for us
Plans not to harm us but to prosper us and to give us hope
He is our hope when hope is gone
Even the holy Bible testifies that
The suffering of this present time shall not
Be compared with the greatness that will be
Revealed in us in future
For all creation is eagerly waiting for that day
That is hope, even though we face challenges now
There’s better life in the future
Even though we suffer now we will rip in the end
Even though we don’t have a clear direction now
We will reach our destination one day

We enter in a tunnel not knowing what is in there
We cross bridges not too sure what’s going to happen within
Even in our deepest pains we trust that it will come to pass

Nothing lasts forever
This too shall pass
I might be coming from a poor background
But I know where I am going
Hope is a positive attitude towards dead situations

Hope is holding on to what you have now and moving
Hope doesn’t get scared by anything
But needs to be revived now and then
Hope is great and powerful

Never lose hope and patience
Hope gives us power to press on and on
So press on!! press on be an optimist