Sometimes I am happy with my friend.
We play video games.
We play soccer.
We play games on our phones.
We read our homework together.

But one day when we swam at the pool
A bully came.
He had a big voice.
He was big.
He said, “This my pool.”

We had to leave.
We went to the jumping castle.
We jumped and jumped.
The bully came.
He said, “Get away from my jumping castle.”

We went back to the pool.
We told the bully, “Leave us alone!”
The bully said, “Go away, this is not your pool.”
We said, “This pool is for everyone.”
The bully loves to trick other children.

One day a small child was playing house.
The bully came and crashed into the child.
The child cried.
He told his father…
His father solved the problem.
The bully never tried anything again!