There are moments in my life
Where I just reflect on the past and start crying
I cry because the universe has been harsh on me
I’ve endured so much in a short span of time
I had to woman up and be strong at a very tender age

I always gave out love but love didn’t love me
I was submissive and obedient but no one noticed
I cried myself to bed
My pillow was my only comforter
My voice also turned on me
It disappeared when I wanted justice
It ran when someone tried listening to me
And you my dear heart served me
With deathly pain and sorrows

I am a kid full of anger
I am passionate about hearts ‘cause
I know how it feels to nurse a broken heart
I know how hard it is to be noticed when you’re “pain driven”
When you’re rebellious just to relieve 00.01% of pain
When you chat back just to get one slap on a cheek
A slap that makes you feel better
Because honestly external pain is way better that internal pain

I know the pain of being bullied
The pain that pierces through your heart like a sword
When you are just what you are and just cannot change it
I learnt how to love myself on my own
I learnt how to deal with pain on my own
And lastly I am a fighting survivor of depression

Depression is incurable but manageable
Just like cancer it has stages
It’s a harsh feeling that each individual faces
According to their pain
I am a warrior fighting a battle of the broken nation
I am Blessing Marawu
A kid who is a go-getter

I am fighting for a better me
For a better us
This poem is dedicated to all broken kids out there